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I'm American from Pennsylvania and came to the Netherlands in September 1998 on vacation. My husband is a Dutchman born and raised in the very north of the Netherlands (not Amsterdam). He had never been to the United State until we meet.  Most people ask me why I came to the Netherlands to live instead of him going to the United States to live. I was ready for the change in my life and living in the Netherlands the past 4 years has given a new prespective on life and the some of the changes I needed. I have found enjoyment in things I never thought possible. I've learned to enjoy the arts, music, the difference in cultures and most of all traveling in a foreign country. I'm learning new customs and challenging my own beliefs on how things should be. In my travels I would like to share with you what I'm seeing off the beaten paths and not visited most by tourists. The country and beauty behind the large cities. I've been to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht and several others and I'm always at awe of their beauty as well.  I enjoy going back and revisiting them. But, I enjoy more those sites of the everyday folk and most of all the Northern part of The Netherlands where I live now. The excitement and fun of daily markets where you can buy fresh meats, cheeses, produce, and textiles. I enjoy being able to get on my bicycle and ride in the countrysides or get in the car and within minutes be in Germany or a couple hours and we're in Belgium, Switzerland, France or some other country that you studied in school or as a child could only dream of visiting someday.

The Netherlands is famous for many things, most think only of Tulips, windmills and wooden shoes this isn't so. The dutch are very industrious and highly intellegent people.

Please enjoy my site and when you decide to come to the Netherlands for a vacation. Remember the unbeaten paths and see how the people outside the tourist areas live.

Here are just a few places we have visited.  I will be adding more pages as I get the photos ready. 



                               Ada Hofman Gardens - Loozen                 De Kruidhof - Buitenpost                            Keukenhof - Lisse

Ada Hofman Gardens - Loozen  There are approximately 30 gardens and 50 ponds, some are prefabricated and ponds made with liners, all laid out around 3 large natural ponds. Together they form one large garden. Ada Hofman's method is biological. She doesn't use chemicals or filters to keep her ponds clear.

 De Kruidhof - Buitenpost De Kruidhof is made up of 17 different gardens. It's located in the town of Buitenpost in the Providence of Friesland. It's the largest herb garden in the Netherlands covering 3 hectares with over 2000 species of plants. Having gone back to Medieval gardening traditions it is very much a theme garden.

 Keukenhof - Lisse Keukenhof is located in Lisse Netherlands. This is the place of the famous Tulip Fields. The gardens cover over 32 hectares. We walked for hours enjoying the spring blossoms. The gardens are only open for a few weeks during the year. In April till May 21 approx. and again for Zomerhof in September till mid October. This is a must on any travel to the Netherlands.



Slot Zuylen - Oud-Zuilen; Kasteel Groeneveld - Baaran (Photos still to come)


De Fraeylemaborg - Slochteren                            Kasteel De Haar -  Haarzuilens

       In the Provincie of Groningen                          The largest castle in the Netherlands


Other Places in the Netherlands

Den Haag; Scheveningen; Kamp Westerbork - Westerbork; Den Helder; Bourtange; Vlieland Island - Waddenzee; Schiermonnikoog - Waddenzee; Franeker - Friesland; Valkenburg, Thorn, Arcen- Limburg;

In the United States

Blackwater Falls - Davis W. VA; Kennedy Center - Florida; Biltmore Estates - Ashville, NC; Ocean City, Md; New York City; Linn Run Park State Park, Ligonier, PA

       Our Wedding May 31, 2002  On this day we decided after 4 years it was time to make that final                                                                      committment. We married at Fraeylamborg in Slochteren.

          What's for Dinner?   (Recipes) Recipes I've tried from my family, friends and internet.

      Our home A walking tour of our home. We're looking for suggestions for decorating and remodeling.

            The Garden Disaster Our attempt at redoing the front yard. What a mess and nothing has changed it                                                           was actually better before we even started.

         American Picnic in the Netherlands  The first picnic we had with Americans friends living here in the                                                                                Netherlands.

   Our little Family of cats Whitney and Nit-Whit are the parents of three little ones. We kept only one.                                                                "Indy" who's deaf, she's the thorn in Nit-Whit's side and the apple in                                                                Whitney's eye.

 Favorite websites                Cyber Tales... Stories from anyone who wants to share



      Please come back again.

I'm adding more photos as I get them ready.
Last updated: September 29, 2003

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